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Yukio Kusumoto
Sega of America, Inc.
Director of Animation

I had the pleasure of working with Neko Productions to produce our very first short-form content on YouTube, Sonic Mania Adventures.
When you see the show, you will immediately recognize that it is a work of passion. Countless hours and tireless attention to detail were poured into the show. Lirit, Celina, Or, Issac, and Ariyah were a pleasure to work with and they are dedicated to giving their clients what they desire and more. The animators at Neko Productions are extremely talented. Without them, I couldn’t have produced the look of the show that can only be created by the almost-lost art of hand-drawn animation. It was a magical journey to produce this special show and I couldn’t be happier that I shared this beautiful experience with this special and talented crew.

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 19.56.33
Tyson Hesse

Throughout several different projects Neko Productions proved themselves to be a hard working and dedicated team that delivered exceptional animation quality in a short timeframe. They are a team that is willing to go the extra mile to deliver a quality product

Marlene Sharp (마를린)
LEVEL-5 abby Inc.
Director, Production

It is a pleasure to recommend Neko as a talent-filled, creative, and efficient studio! Neko’s collective editing and rotoscoping skills are tops. The crew continues in making many valuable contributions to a particularly challenging 50 x 26″ CGI TV series in my charge. Brava, Lirit and Toni! Bravo, Or and Jimmy! Many thanks, Team Neko!

Andreas Theodorou
3D Senior Art Lead

As a Lead 3D artist at Tinyco, I had the pleasure to work very closely with Neko Productions while Lirit and her crew provided astounding art assets for Marvel’s Avenger’s Academy mobile game. Not only have they executed a very demanding art style, but also helped us refine it while meeting all of our very tight and seemingly impossible deadlines in a positive and welcoming manner.
I am fortunate to be expanding our collaboration on Tinyco’s second 3D title, and the artists have once more managed to impress us with their adaptability to a new art direction and pipeline.
Neko has truly spoiled me with their quality, fast turnaround, instant communication and professionalism. I hope to have them by my side in all my future artistic endeavors.

Jessica Hargrave
Tripod Media

Lirit and Eyal at Neko were great collaborators on our documentary project. They are creative, talented, and driven and open to feedback and discussion in order to ensure the best possible final product. We are thrilled with the animation the Neko team was able to create on a short timeline and budget. They did great work and they are great people.

Ralph Guggenheim
Alligator Planet, LLC

As a producer outsourcing work to animation studios, I look for creative skill combined with open and honest communication. Lirit and the team at Neko Productions exceeded my expectations on all counts. Their creative talent and ability to work within the constraints of budget and schedule is a great combination. They have a great eye for all aspects of the work – design, art direction, and animation. This is a working relationship that I will return to again and again!

Inbal Latner
VP of Product Management

I collaborated with Neko Productions on a video for the Shapely fashion app that I manage. The team at Neko productions continuously came up with innovative and unique ideas to make the video fun and effective. They worked long hours to ensure that every detail was perfect, and it was a pleasure working with them as they were always focused, energetic and enthusiastic during our discussions. I look forward to working with them again in the future.