JUST A BIT OF... GLOWING PRAISE. At Neko Productions, we give 1000 percent on every project we work on, every time. And the results have been spectacular: we’ve won two Telly awards for Melody Street, critical acclaim and multitudes of admirers. But don’t take our word for it, here are just a few glowing testimonials from some of our ecstatically satisfied clients. READ ALL ABOUT IT

EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS ON ALL COUNTS. As a producer outsourcing work to animation studios, I look for creative skill combined with open and honest communication. Lirit and the team at Neko Productions exceeded my expectations on all counts. Their creative talent and ability to work within the constraints of budget and schedule is a great combination. They have a great eye for all aspects of the work – design, art direction, and animation. This is a working relationship that I will return to again and again! —Ralph Guggenheim, CEO at Alligator Planet, LLC NEKO HAS TRULY SPOILED ME WITH THEIR QUALITY, FAST TURNAROUND, INSTANT COMMUNICATION AND PROFESSIONALISM As a Lead 3D artist at Tinyco, I had the pleasure to work very closely with Neko Productions while Lirit and her crew provided astounding art assets for Marvel’s Avenger’s Academy mobile game. Not only have they executed a very demanding art style, but also helped us refine it while meeting all of our very tight and seemingly impossible deadlines in a positive and welcoming manner. I am fortunate to be expanding our collaboration on Tinyco’s second 3D title, and the artists have once more managed to impress us with their adaptability to a new art direction and pipeline. Neko has truly spoiled me with their quality, fast turnaround, instant communication and professionalism. I hope to have them by my side in all my future artistic endeavors. —Andreas Theodorou, Lead 3D Artist at Tinyco

EVERY DETAIL WAS PERFECT! I collaborated with Neko Productions on a video for the Shapely fashion app that I manage. The team at Neko productions continuously came up with innovative and unique ideas to make the video fun and effective. They worked long hours to ensure that every detail was perfect, and it was a pleasure working with them as they were always focused, energetic and enthusiastic during our discussions. I look forward to working with them again in the future. —Inbal Latner, VP of Product Management at Slidernet THE PROCESS WAS IMPORTANT BUT THE RESULT WAS EVEN MORE ASTONISHING! I met Lirit when I was looking for a birthday present for my husband. I wanted to create something special and unusual for him. Lirit had an instant understanding of my idea. She was always available despite the huge time difference between us and so we were able to communicate very easily. Eyal the creative director is a wonderful person to work with, even though at times I wasn’t. The process was important but the result was even more astonishing. The video came out amazing – my husband got so excited, he keeps watching it on repeat. Thank you Lirit, Eyal and the rest of the team, it was pleasure to work with you and I hope we will have a chance to work together again. —Michal Edree THE PROCESS WAS SMOOTH, CREATIVE AND FUN! As executive director of the Milstein Family Foundation, I work with multiple vendors. That includes negotiating their contracts, making sure they deliver on time, and guiding them to provide the services and the products that we need. Neko Productions has absolutely been one of my most positive experiences with a service provider, from beginning to end. We needed a short promotional animated video to be completed within two weeks – typically an impossible deadline. Lirit, Eyal and the rest of the staff worked nonstop in order to make the deadline, and were in constant communication to set expectations about the product we would receive. The process was smooth, creative, and FUN. —Hadas Sella, Executive Director at the Milstein Family Foundation They are meticulous, solved every problem that came their way, and were true partners in the process, wanting – just as much as we did – to get the right message across. They did it, big time. When the movie came out we received unbelievable feedback, and I know that it is the exciting video – not just the idea– that generated this excitement. When you want to get the message across that you are professional, you need to have professional marketing materials. I found Neko to be not only professional but also reliable and fair, and would love to work with them again the first opportunity I get.