Trash Troopers

Sometimes you just gotta fight dirty

Sometimes you just gotta fight dirty


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Action, animated, comedy

In an all trash world, a chicken soup can and his four friends – the Trash Troopers- are the only thing that stand between the city of Stenchmore and the evil Ram,an outdated computer, determined to take over and rule with an iron fist.
In each 11 minute episode, the Troopers protect the city from all kinds of threats. Just like in Gotham City, all kinds of bad guys cause trouble with Ram, a supervillain computer, the baddest of them all. The resourceful trash heroes
are on a on a mission to save their home from all dangers, large and small. They
can do what no one else in their city can, reconstructing the trash around them to make weapons, vehicles, anything they need! These trash heroes are always
ready to save the day.